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Iím very pleased with Dr. Jís Weight Control System. As a physician, I was skeptical about these herbs in the beginning. But once I got on the program, I lost 3 inches and 14 pounds in one month. I have lost a total of 20 pounds and Iím now on the maintenance program. I have a lot of energy and stamina. I donít need to snack in between meals. Even when Iím hungry, Iím easily satisfied after I eat. I donít eat big meals like I did before. The program is also easy to follow and cost-effective, comparing with other programs I know.
-- Jack J., M. D.

I have been overweight all my life. This is the first time Iím able to drop 47 pounds in three months and keep if off using Dr. Jís anti-yeast nutritional program and weight control herbs.  I also enjoy a lot of energy and mental clarity.
-- Carol H., R. N.

I have been a diabetic for more than 10 years. I was insulin dependent and overweight and had no energy. Dr. Jís Weight Control System, Yeast-Para Control, Male Vitality, the cleansing tea and the anti-yeast nutritional program had created a new life for me. In two months, I was able to reduce my insulin to one-third of my previous dosage. I have also lost 15 pounds and have much more energy. I highly recommend the program!
-- Bob F., Realtor

I suffered from candidiasis for years. I was underweight, lethargic, bloated and prone to kidney and bladder infections. I also had skin rash all over my body. After taking Yeast-Para Control, Female Vitality and the cleansing tea and following Dr. Jís anti-yeast nutritional program, I gained 7 pounds in two months. My skin is now clearing up. I rarely feel bloated unless I eat the wrong kind of food (yeast favorite food) again. I havenít had any episode of kidney or bladder infection since I started the program. I also have a lot more energy!
-- Ellen R., Actress

As a personal trainer, I have always tried different herbal products and looked for safe weight control products for my clients. Iím pleased to find that (Dr. Jís) Weight Control System is very cost-effective. The products reduce fat, improve overall muscle tone and increase energy. The Yeast-Para Control formula is a great product for clearing age-old mucous and smooth elimination. It works well with the Weight Control System to help my clients achieve optimal level of functioning!
-- Mary A., Fitness Trainer

I have been using homeopathic remedies to treat myself, family and clients for more that 30 years. After I tried Dr. Jís Chinese herbal formulas, I found them to be cost-effective and simple to use. Now, I have decided to use her herbs only in my practice.
-- Ron, R., N.D.

I considered myself to be in excellent health. However, after I got on Dr. Jís anti-yeast nutritional program, Yeast-Para Control, Female Vitality and the Cleansing-Balance tea, I was amazed by the amount of floaters (yeast debris) and eggs of parasites I found in my urine, stool and menstrual blood clogs! The cleansing program has also reversed the color of my gray hair and regulated my period!
-- May, L., Massage Therapist

I had been drinking, smoking and using recreational drugs for almost 30 years. I suffered from symptoms such as bodily itching, depression (frequent crying spells), sinus congestion, bloating and impotence. After I made a commitment to Dr. Jís program for five consecutive months by taking the maximum dosage of Yeast-Para Control, Male Vitality and Cleansing-Balance tea and followed the anti-yeast nutritional program, I stopped all the bad habits without conscious efforts. After I went through a series of cleansing crises, I also enjoyed heightened sexual energy. Now that I donít have a regular romantic partner, I have to reduce the dosage of Male Vitality to avoid the discomfort of multiple erections.
-- John, D., Business Man

I had been asthmatic and dependent on cortisone inhalers since I could remember. After I took Dr. Jís Yast-Para Control formula and the Cleansing-Balance tea, plus made a commitment to her anti-yeast nutritional program, for the first time in 20 years, I do not need to use the inhaler!
-- Sue, T., Salesperson

I have suffered from Myasthenia Gravis for years.  After being on Dr. J's program for two months to balance my body, mind and spirit, my neurologist and I were both surprised - all symptoms subsided!!!
-- Debra R., Writer

For several years I have experimented with many diets, trying to lose 10 pounds. I would lose a few pounds initially, but then the weight loss stopped. I got on Dr. Jís weight control program, and to my surprise, I easily lost 11 pounds in four weeks! My total weight loss is 15 pounds after strictly following her plan, and I feel great! Dr. Jís program is a healthy alternative to fad diets that just donít work. Changing eating habits is never easy, but a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is helpful!
-- Fran B., R. N.